The NGBfV policy (No Golden Bricks for Vandals) states that vandals and spammers should not be given much attention other than an edit undo, warn, or block. This means that there should not be big announcements on the main page exclaiming about attacks, nor public outcries about how the BWW staff can't cope with them. The main purpose of vandals is to cause a major disruption, so if they are taken down quickly it discourages them to do more, since they know they're going to be taken down again.

For example, leaving loads of "OMG STAFF PLZ BAN THIS USER!!!!" messages on staff talk pages, edit summaries about the vandal, etc., only makes the vandal look more successful in disrupting the wiki's day to day basis. Leaving "PLZ STOP UR BEING A VANDAL" messages on their personal talk page makes them feel encouraged and powerful, because they think we can't do anything to stop them. Users should simply just undo their edits and give them a firm message to stop on their talk page, that doesn't encourage the vandal at all and instead discourages him.