The following text is a list of policies the admins have implemented into the Blockland World Wiki.

Obstruction of these policies will lead to a warning and a possible block.

BWW Policies

  • The Blockland World Wiki: Is not censored and you should not censor words in any way, such as asterisks. Profanity in articles should be done only in an encyclopedic manner.
  • Wikia Terms of Use: Users must be at least 13 years old or over to have an account and use Wikia.
  • Assume good faith for other editors: Assume that the other editors on the Wiki mean well.
  • Have a civil manner: Be civil in your dealings with other wiki users and editors. No personal attacks, unnecessarily abusive language, patronizing behavior, baiting, etc.
    • Disruptive editing: Considered closely related to incivility.
  • Vandalism: Is not tolerated under any circumstances at all (edits designed to harass other editors or degrade an article's quality) and will lead to a warning or a block depending on the severity of the situation.
    • NGBfV: States that vandals and spammers should not be given much attention, as it just encourages them to do more of their actions.
  • Edit Wars: Will result in the article that is being warred-over lock for a short amount of time by staff.
  • No offensive/unrelated images: This will lead to an instant block, except in some circumstances. Eg: first offense, accident, etc.
  • Usernames: Offensive, misleading and problematic usernames may be blocked by a administrator.
  • Ownership: The Blockland World Wiki is a public domain and no editor owns anything, including articles. If you post anything here, expect it to be edited mercilessly right away.
  • Multiple accounts: Is forbidden, with a few exceptions.
  • Wikilawyering: A rare issue on the wiki, but still a rule violation and leads to a block.
  • No articles about users: If you wish to add articles about users, do so on the Blockland Users Wiki. Exceptions are developers, of course.
  • No myth-related content: Eg: Renderman.
  • No leaked information: If information about Blockland is released through an illegal way, you are subject to a warn and possible block. As a wiki we want to keep our information official, and leaking information doesn't make us true to our words.