Badspot, or Eric Hartman, is the creator of Blockland. Ingame, he holds the BL_ID of 0. Although, he is not the sole creator. Blockland is co-developed by Kompressor, famous for his work on Shadows and Shaders, and working as a developer of Torque3D.


This is Eric Hartman in person, also known as Badspot, supreme ruler of the land of blocks.


Badspot is also the developer of a few other indie games using the Torque engine. He only has two other widely known (among the community) games, and his other less popular ones can be found here.

Age of Time

Age of Time, or AoE is an online RPG that takes place in medieval times. It has a small fanbase, who are notorious for being unfriendly ingame, and on the forums.

Two Guns

Two Guns is a top-down shooter, with a very small online community.