Default Bedroom picture.

The Bedroom was one of the maps that came default with Blockland before the V21 Update. It was a human-sized bedroom, where presumably the Blockheads are toys that are owned by a human (or not, there is no signs of real humans living on this map). The bedroom had a bed, shelf, ventilation shaft, drawers, a breakable window, a clock that measures how long the server has been running, a lamp, and a 1940's poster saying "We can do it" (albeit in a slightly more blocko style).


Bedroom started off in v0002. The bedroom appears in a similar fashion, with bricks and items spawned, along with baseplates to build on. It does not allow you to break the windows and explore the outside, nor does it have the clock or the poster.

After the V21 Update in 2012, this and all the other maps got removed in prior to Shadows and Shaders and to make development easier due to the very outdated and buggy code the maps used, the community got divided since then and many players had left or uses older versions of the game to play the maps again, it is unknown if the maps will ever get a return with a new code, but it will most likely won't.

Features and SecretsEdit

The Bedroom had some intresting features and secrets.

Blockland 00169

A working clock and a broken window.

Blockland 00172

The inside of the drawer.

Blockland 00171

Basement like room.

  • There was a working clock telling you how long the server has been running. When it reaches to 99:99 it will explode and restart. This reaction can be activated by typing "explodeClock();" into the Console.
  • The windows are breakable, you can charge at highspeed at them, or shoot on them with the Tank.
  • The drawer is enterable, through two secret passage ways.
  • The bed has a secret room.
  • There is a hidden basement-like room.