A Blockhead is the standard avatar and player type in Blockland. The standard avatar comes with and yellow head and hand, red shoulders, white chest and blue hips and legs. A Blockhead has a square head and floats above its feet, which are not attached to his body. Its hands also float. Each body part of a blockhead can be customized to fit the user's preference. Hats and helmets can be added. Decals for the face and chest can be selected. etc. You can change the color of each body part as well. These colors are not limited to a set pallet of colors and can be set using standard RGB values.


The default Blockhead has a base health of 100. It can crouch to fit in a area 2 blocks high, it can also jump onto a 5 block high area. It has a default of 5 items/weapons slots. The blockhead can walk through an entrance that is 3 blocks wide by 5 blocks high. It also has the ability to mount and operate vehicles.