The bricks in Blockland are made from .blb files, which can be opened in a text editor like most of the other files (saves, .cs etc.) The default bricks can be found in Documents/Blockland/base/data/bricks.

Basic Attributes Edit

An example of a .blb file is the following file for the 2x4 brick:

2 4 3
The top row is the brick's vectors. First number is length (X), second is depth (Z), and third is height (Y). Do not handle the units used as Torque units, as it appears the game uses it's own units (one standard brick is 0.8 Torque units tall)

The lower row is the brick type, which is probably used for categorization, identification or special handling of bricks. Possible (default) types are:

  • BRICK (Includes plates and baseplates)
  • SPECIALBRICK (Any BRICK that can be printed on or has a decal on it by default)
  • SPECIAL (Non-block shaped bricks or bricks made out of multiple shapes [?])