"Blocko Style" refers to the slightly cartoony, boxish beveled look that is unique to Blockland. It is derived from the looks of default Add-Ons.

The default Jeep painted red. Note the smooth parts on the sides of the bonnet and by the front wings. Also, note the darker and lighter textures which were used to add additional details

Tips on being "Blocko"

  1. Keep your model simple-looking. It can mean low-poly, but sometimes you have to invest some extra polygons for a neater mesh and a better look.
  2. Avoid triangulation. You can do that by either making the edges co-planar or using smoothing groups.
  3. Avoid huge smoothshaded mess.
  4. Do make use of the transparent black textures and whiteCheck for adding detail.
  5. Avoid using real-life textures. Go for simple recolourable meshes instead.