Bricks are what Blockland uses to create builds. They can be planted ingame by opening the Brick Menu. They are created by using a system of coordinates to place each corner, and texture the brick. The format can be easily acessed by renaming a .txt to .blb, which stands for Blockland Brick.
Blockland 03113

A blockhead placing a 2x4 ghost brick.


Blockland has several different types of bricks


This is a type of smaller sized bricks, based off of actual Lego bricks.


This is a type of very small, flat bricks. Each plate is 1/3rd the size of a regular 1x1 brick.


This is a type of brick that is round. They are used for things like arches, barrels, or even spheres. They can either be Bricks, or Plates, depending on their intended use.


Ramps are a type of angled brick, with a textured print on the angled portion. They are one of the most important types of brick in a detailed build. Ramps are Bricks, a Plate ramp has never been created.


Special bricks are specially shaped or functioning bricks, such as pine trees, vehicle spawns, or music bricks. They often use .dts models, or a .blb file with hard coded vertice locations.


Baseplates are extremely large bricks, used for large objects or ambiguous background objects.


Although there is no actual category called "Custom", if a player creates a brick or brick pack, they can create a new category to place bricks under.