"DEADON" was a mildly popular post-disaster "apocalypse" roleplay made by Counter. It had gone through
Blockland 00041

A screenshot from the 14th edition of the server. Note the use of abandoned buildings and modular terrain.

many changes, but mostly stuck to desert settings in Nevada, California, or in older versions, Scotland. 

Trivia Edit

  • DEADON is a very early, if not the earliest, popular Apocalyptic RP's on Blockland, starting in 2010.
  • Although the same name is shared through every one of Counter's post-nuclear RP's, the backstory is rarely the same.
  • The server has been permanently cancelled, although rights to create a sequel have been given to Goldstein, who may or may not revive the project.
  • When a new version of DEADON is released, it will then be classified as DEADON *version number*.