Icon download This article is about an Add-on, meaning it has to be downloaded from a third-party and does not reflect the default content of the game.

The Duplicator, also known as the "Dupe wand", not to be confused with the "D Wand" is an Add-On created by Randy and Ephialtes. It is used for duplicating large, or small portions of a build to be used over and over again. It duplicates any brick supported by the originally duplicated brick. Duplications can also be saved and loaded, similar to saved builds. The duplicator currently is able to be used by either spawning it from a brick, or typing "/duplicator" while in a server that has this add-on downloaded and enabled.

Some neat features of the duplicator include the fact that when you hit a brick with the duplicator, every brick effected turns a white, transparent color, with a glow effect, and the fact the wand has a continuous stream of green bubbles emitting from the tip.

Blockland 00119

Using the duplicator.

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Currently, the duplicator is found very useful by many people, though it does also have bugs like any other add-on -

  • When duplicating, if you duplicate the same brick(s) while they are still undergoing the transparent effect, the end result will be your bricks being that transparent color when they are duplicated successfully.
  • If duplicating a large amount of bricks, you will most likely endure a small moment of lag/freezing of the game.