Maps was environments for players to perform actions such as building or playing mini-games in. They come in three varieties. A large selection of maps are available in RTB's maps section.

maps were removed in v21.


Blockland features several different types of maps. Such as:


Slate maps are skyboxes and a flat plane, great for building large structures without being hindered by terrain.

Interior MapsEdit


The Bedroom.

Interiors maps utilize custom interiors to add more flavor to the environment. An interior is a modeled structure made in programs such as Torque Constructor or Hammer. Players can often build inside and on top of interiors. Although maps like Bedroom and Kitchen are the most notorious uses of interiors, other varieties of maps use them for racing, TDMs, etc.

Terrain MapsEdit

A terrain map has no interiors and consists of a landscape that players can explore and build on, along with (usually) foliage, custom textures for grass, dirt, and sand, and a skybox. A default example of a terrain map is Slopes.


Maps are made using the following files:

  • .mis file for referencing any shapes, skyboxes, emitters , etc. used in the map.
  • .ter file encrypted with terrain information.
  • Non-default textures used on the map.
  • .dif copies of interiors used, and their textures.
  • Skybox folder and its files.
  • Scripts used (Triggers, etc.)


It is recommended that anyone new to mapping make use of the following mapping resources.