Icon download This article is about an Add-on, meaning it has to be downloaded from a third-party and does not reflect the default content of the game.
The Mini-Nuke is a projectile based weapon created by a Blockland user named Bushido that creates a large explosion. The projectile is shaped like a small missile that is affected by gravity. When the projectile hits a surface, be it a player, vehicle, brick, or terrain/interior, it creates a large explosion that fake kills most bricks, other than some baseplates. It emits a mushroom cloud-esque effect when it explodes.


This weapon has been failed due to it overwriting the default rocket launcher's damage. Many players believe it was failed due to causing lag, which has gotten this weapon a bad reputation.

Since the creation and release of the weapon, other players have further updated it to fix many of the game-damaging glitches and lagging effects, although the updated version remains off the Blockland forums.