A minigame is a function of the game used to create, evidently, mini games on a server for players to compete in without disrupting other players on a server. Some servers, however, run a dedicated default minigame that forces any player that joins the server to play.


You can create, edit, or view minigames by pressing the Esc key, then pressing the "Minigames" button. From this screen you can customize the playertypes , weaponry , and gamemode being used, alongside many other options.

Types of Minigames

There are many varieties of gamemodes to be used in a minigame. Such as:

  • Deathmatches
  • Team Deathmatches
  • Zombie Survival
  • Boss Battles
  • AI Battles
  • City RPGs
  • Mining and Trench Digging

You can view a list of gamemodes downloadable from RTB here.