Creations in Blockland can play music, if they include an evented music brick.

Music is fairly
Blockland 02766

The music brick used for musics in-game. You can set the music with the Wrench

easy to create, as Blockland uses mono .ogg sound files. Note that the music brick does not have togglable raycasting, collision, or even rendering.


Music can be created from any .ogg file that is under 1mb, or 1024kb. The file sounds best when looping, but does not have to be.

Once you have found your desired music or sound piece, convert the file to .ogg as a mono sound file (Audacity is recommended) , place it in Blockland's music folder, enable the song (if not using a dedicated server), and start the server.
Blockland 00063

The music wrench GUI