This article can also be called "Datablocks"

Playertypes are the types of player 'modes' for the player. The default playertype is "default playertype" that normally spawns with a Wrench, hammer and printer. It also has infinite fuel jet. Other playertypes can be accessed using events. [Onplayertouch/Onactivate > Player > changeDatablock].

List of playertypes Edit

  • Default Playertype
  • Fuel Jet Player
  • Leap/Jump Jet Player
  • No-jet Player (Addon?)
  • Horse
  • Pirate/Tank Cannon
  • Rowboat
  • Sports Player (Jets for stamina, running)

Added Playertypes (Addons) Edit

  • Noface (tall black figure with a mask)
  • No-Movement Player (a player that cant move, but can use tools/items and look around.)
  • Animu Luluco (FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!)

These are just three examples.

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