Prepper was a feature added to Blockland caused by a set of Halloween bricks added by Badspot, and created by Rotondo for Halloween 2011, that would spawn ASCII Terror faces around the map, and print messages in the console.


Prepper, or "Renderman" was originally a community made story, though it was not called Prepper at the time, and only gained the name when users found the files for this. When an update was released around the time of Halloween, 2011, it included the pumpkin brick with the script designed to spawn Preppers built inside of it.

The Prepper image found in the add-on "Brick_Halloween"

The actual face of the prepper is the default ASCII Terror face, and was not something new, though it randomly appearing around the map was. The Prepper gathered a rather large following and lead to a lengthy discussion.

Since the addition of Preppers, Blockland has received a later series of updates that removed it.



A video by the user Dillpickle where we can notice the Prepper aka "Renderman"


  • Pixar's rendering system is named "Renderman," which is also a nickname given by the community to Prepper.
  • Several players still host "renderman hunt" servers today, typically looking for bots placed by the host dressed to seem remniscent to Prepper.