Relays are a default event that allow users to trigger events automatically.

Firing a Relay

To fire a relay, use this event:

[0] OnActivate => Self => FireRelay

This will fire a relay. By itself, this event is totally useless.


To make a brick change color using relays, use these events:

[33] OnActivate => Self => FireRelay

[0] OnRelay => Self => SetColor [Red]

In this event string, the relay only serves to make changing colors needlessly complicated.

By now you will have noticed that delays are automatically added to any event that fires a relay. This is to prevent abuse.

Relay Loops

This is the part that makes relays important. Look at this string of events.

[33] OnActivate => Self => FireRelay

[2000] OnRelay => Self => FireRelay

[1000] OnRelay => Self => SetColor [Red]

[0] OnRelay => Self => SetColor [Blue]

As you can see, this would make an endless loop with a relay firing every two seconds, which would make the brick flash red and blue.