Blockland 03105

A blockhead holding the Rocket Launcher.

The Rocket Launcher (also known as Rocket L or RL) is a default Blockland weapon of destruction that can be spawned from a brick.

Players can use the Rocket Launcher to perform a "rocket-jump" by jumping and firing a rocket below them and can fling the player to high altitudes. Although the explosion will not kill a player in one hit (if the player is in a minigame and damage is enabled), if you rocket jump too high, you can die from fall damage (also if enabled) after impact with the ground.


  • The famous add-on Mini-Nuke was failed because it overwrote the Rocket Launcher's damage.
  • There is a small green dot in middle of the darkness of the rocket launcher. This is infact another part of the model, the darker green ring towards the front to be specific, clipping through the cone used as the hole.
  • The Rocket Launcher is in default mini-game weapon settings along with the Gun and the default tools.