Shadows and Shaders, (Popularly known as Version 21/v21) is an update that included shaders and updated shadows to bricks, giving Blockland a higher quality and more atmospheric appearance. However, it also involves removing interiors and terrains, which will break all current maps, such as the Bedroom and the Slopes because co-developer Kompressor claims they complicate Blockland's code.


On February 5th, 2012, at 4:27 PM, co-developer Kompressor posted a Blockland Forums article announcing the change.

"That’s right: shadows (and shaders). You thought it couldn't be done... but here it is! In order to make all this possible, though, we need to kill two old, slow features in Blockland: interiors and terrains. These two features complicate Blockland’s code tremendously. That means we can’t add game features very quickly. They still have bugs in them (after years of work). They are slow, too - bricks are about 90% of their speed and can do a LOT more (explosions, events, in-game editing)."


Badspot released the update on August 9 in 2012, since then Badspot released some minor and normal updates to fix bugs and release some minor extra content.