A typical kart race

The SpeedKart Gamemode is the first default gamemode to bring community made content to the game, The karts were made by Filipe1020, the Modter bricks were made by GSF Ghost and the two original tracks, Lighthouse and Sand Castle, were made by Nasoa and Kickflow, this gamemode offers a map changing system that after 8 rounds on the same track the server automaticly clears the track and loads the next one, plenty of tracks were made by the community to offer more variety and fun.

This gamemode is the finest example of how bumpy the physics of the game can be, the players must watch out and avoid colliding to reduce chances of the physics to glitch the karts and throw them away or get stuck on each other, the water is a deadzone, once the player touches it explodes it's kart, there is no respawning so it's needed to wait for the next round, the objective is to survive, get to the end of the track and touch the golden plate at the end of the track to win the round.

Features Edit

This is the most popular default gamemode (excluding Custom if it counts) and it has the following features:

  • 14 different karts
  • A list of colors to change the color of the kart.
  • 20 spawns
  • A starting line with a 20 second counter before the race begins.
  • three tracks, the rest can be downloaded on the Blockland Forums.
  • Tracks change after 8 rounds.
  • Hosts can change tracks manually by /tracklist and /settrack.

Trivia Edit

The gamemode description "Gotta go fast" is a referrence to the popular meme "Sanic" or Sonic X's Main intro.