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Tier+Tactical (also known as Tier Tactical, abbreviated as T+T or TT) is a weapon pack created by the user Bushido and first released on February 1st 2010. With emphasis on competitive balance and weapon individuality, Tier+Tactical is a popular choice for deathmatch servers due to its flexibility and ease-of-use. There are currently more than 25 unique types of weapons, however with re-skins included the actual number is over 50.

Tier+Tactical is particularly notable for its use of ammunition, which contributes to the overall ease-of-use and general usefulness of its weapons. Tier+Tactical's weapons are split into two distinct sets, called Tiers: not all of its weapons are included in the same download.

History Edit

On February 1st 2010, Tier+Tactical 1 was released in the add-ons section of the Blockland Forums, immediately gaining praise from members of the community. It was especially innovative in its time, due to the fact that it included multiple variants of almost every firearm included. Along with guns, melee weapons were also included. These weapons were organized into tiers, and different tiers were included for different types of weapons. Guns and melee weapons each had their own organized tiers.

Then, a little more than a year later on February 26th 2011, Tier+Tactical 2 was released, including new weapons and a brand new ammunition system. Like the original release of the pack, this update had a positive reception regardless of various bugs and glitches present. Upon the release of the update, it was found that many guns did not operate correctly, and more often than not, did not even fire. Problems were also found with the ammo system, causing frustration among members of the forum and the creator of the pack, Bushido. After numerous redownloads of the entire weapon pack, many of the problems were fixed.

Finally, on New Year's Day 2012, the Tier+Tactical 2.1 update was released, with the tagline, "New for the new year!". With this update, the ammo system which was riddled with problems in the previous update was made togglable, and a new tier called Medical 1 was added.

Links and Required Add-onsEdit


  • The default 'Gun' add-on must be enabled for Tier Tactical to function properly.
  • RTB is required to initialize the Tier Tactical ammo system for the first time. If RTB is not enabled, T+T will not initialize.


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