The Trust System is a mechanism for users to protect their builds from editing and destruction by other users. Only users that they trust are allowed to edit their builds.

Trust LevelsEdit

There are three levels of trust in Blockland: None, Build, Full and You.

No TrustEdit

If someone has no trust with a user, the only thing they can do to the user's bricks is trigger events.

Build TrustEdit

This allows one to ride in the user's vehicles as well as build on the user's bricks. This does not allow them to edit the properties of user's bricks.
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Trust menu in Player List.

Full TrustEdit

This gives someone almost complete control over the user's bricks. However, they are unable to wand the user's bricks or use named bricks as targets in events.

You TrustEdit

You will always have this trust level with yourself. It cannot be given to anybody else. It permits you to wand bricks. Previously, this was allowed with Full Trust however was changed in (TODO: Look through version changelogs to find out). This trust also applies to anyone else using the same ID as you (ie. from the same LAN).

Permissions ChartEdit

Trust Level

None Build Full You
Build No Yes Yes Yes
Paint No No Yes Yes
Destroy No No Yes Yes
Wand No No No Yes
Edit (events) No No Yes Yes
Edit (brick) No Yes Yes No
Ride No Yes Yes Yes

Giving & Receiving TrustEdit

While in a Blockland server, players are able to send trust invites to whomever they wish, though if their invites are declined three times in a short interval, the player is automatically kicked from the game. After giving a player trust, you can remove your trust from them by either -

  • Wait until you meet them once again in game
  • Delete the line that includes their name in "My Documents/Blockland/config/client/prefs-trustList.txt"

You can also add people to your trust list that you haven't met in game yet, or currently are not in game with, by doing the following -

  1. Insert their BL_ID on a blank line.
  2. Press tab, now on the same line, enter the trust level you want this person to have (1 means Build trust, while 2 means Full Trust.)
  3. Now press tab again, and still on the same line, type in their name of their in game Blockland user.

Keep in mind that these changes will only take affect after you restart Blockland.


There is an addon called "Server Trust Levels ", made by Space Guy, which lets a server operator modify which trust levels let you do what. On one server you may be able to build on, destroy, paint, etc. anybody's bricks. While on another server you may not be able to do anything to anyone elses bricks. These options can be changed ingame. So, just something to watch out for.