The default Jeep painted red.

Vehicles are a type of rideable physics entity in Blockland. They are packaged and used like a standard Add-on, and can be spawned using a Vehicle Spawn brick.


There are a few different types of vehicle, all of which behave more or less differently.

Some Add-ons have managed to create vehicles outside of the default categories, such as submarines, and flying vehicles with deployable wheels.


Wheeled Vehicles have a complex system upon which they are created, and have several parts that work together.


The body is the primary model, with a large collision box, seats, and it generally shows off the design of the vehicle. When the vehicle is destroyed, the body remains, but turns a dark charred or black color, and gives off a fire emitter.


The spring is the piece that controls how much the vehicle bounces. The default Jeep has a semi-stiff spring and produces a medium bounce when falling or after a jump.


The wheel is the piece of the vehicle that moves the body and springs. The wheel spins when the vehicle drives, and when the body explodes, the wheels will fly off.