Weapons are Items in Blockland that are used to harm other players. Any item that causes damage is a weapon. A weapon can be spawned by using a Wrench on a block and changing its propeties to spawn a weapon.

Weapons cannot harm players outside of a Mini-Game or when Mini-game settings have turned weapon damage off.

Default Weapons DamageEdit

  • Bow - 30 health damage
  • Gun - 30 health damage
  • Gun Akimbo - 30 health damage
  • 'Hammer - Even if it's a tool, the hammer however makes 10 health '''''damages
  • Rocket Launcher - 130 health damage
  • Spear - 90 health damage
  • Sword - 35 health damage
  • Blockheads fighting
  • Blockheads fighting
  • Blockheads fighting

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